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[ Best Application for Android ] Dear Readers today we bring Best India Daily Gold Silver Price Application for Android user, if Are you planning to buy or sell gold, do you wonder what is the gold price today? How price is fluctuating, Is it right time to buy gold today? If you encounter these questions, this is the best app to help you make correct decisions. This Android application helps you track gold live prices in major Indian cities.

India is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world. Buying gold has traditionally been an emergency fund, a tool to tide over financial emergencies. India uses gold mainly in the form of ornaments and investments.
✓ Gold live price (live market prices up-to-the second).
✓ Track MCX bullion live future prices.
✓ Latest gold or silver news.
✓ Gold and silver forecast.
✓ Gold rate in following cities.

✓ Supports silver and 24/22 Carat gold prices.
✓ Daily price notifications.
✓ Historical price graph(30, 60, 90, days and one year graphs).

India Daily Gold Silver Price Application provide accurate gold rate in India cities. This app includes gold rate chart for historical prices and gold live prices.

How to check the purity of gold?

  1. 24K= 99.9% Pure
  2. 23K=95.8% Pure
  3. 22K=91.6% Pure (Also called as BIS 916 gold)
  4. 18K=75%How is the Gold and Silver Rate determined?
India is considered as a consumer and not a producer of gold. This implies that the country doesn’t mine gold. India relies heavily on imports to meet existing gold demand. Overall, gold rate is decided by the London bullion association and in India, jewellery associations, Indian Bullion Jewellers Association, banks and many private companies, etc. play an important role in fixing it.

Why are Gold And Silver Rates different in different cities of India?

Gold and Silver prices slightly vary from city to city in India due to the following reasons:
Transportation/ hauling cost: The cost of safeguarding and hauling cost of gold and silver is expensive and is added to the sale price which further impacts gold rate in different cities of India.
Bullion Association: Prices of gold also differ on account of different jewellery associations in India. Bullion or jewellery associations are responsible for regulating the gold prices on a daily basis which is done twice in a day. The gold prices are calculated by taking international gold prices at that particular time plus incurred cost which leads to the variation of prices in different cities

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